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Neighbor Fence in Kelowna: Everything You Need to Know

Neighbor Fence in Kelowna: Everything You Need to Know

Fences serve many purposes. From marking your property boundaries to increasing your home value to protecting your property. But, fences can also be cause for offense. Neighbors may disagree about where the property lines are, what type of fence to build, and who will pay for a new fence or fence repairs. Keep reading to learn how to deal with the problems that commonly arise for a neighbor fence. 

Can a Neighbor Put up a Fence Without My Permission?  

All was fine and dandy between you and your neighbor. You didn’t chat much, but you’d give each other a nice nod and hello when you saw each other in your backyards.

All was well, right?

Sure. Until one brisk morning, you step into your backyard, enjoying a nice cup of coffee, only to realize your neighbor has started erecting a fence right next to your property.

They never even asked you! Are they legally allowed to install a neighbor fence without your permission? 

According to People’s Law School, BC property owners can build fences around their property if it’s on their side of the property line. If you’re concerned about a fence being erected on your property, we recommend checking with your local city to determine where your property lines are.

If your neighbor is building the fence exclusively on their side of the property line, there’s not much you can do legally. However, if they’re planning on building that fence on the property line, or on your property, they will need your permission.

Chain Link Neighbor Fence

Does your Neighbor Have to Pay for Half the Fence?  

So, you and your neighbors have decided it’s time to replace the rickety old fence that’s been an eye-sore for years! That’s great news! There are so many advantages of putting up a brand-new chain-link fence. But… Who’s going to pay for it? Are you and your neighbor each required to pay for half the fence? 

It depends on the situation.  

If the fence is exclusively on their side of the property line, it’s their cost legally. However, if it’s on the property line, the neighbors on either side are equal partners. It is typical that each must pay the cost of building or repairing a new fence. However, there are a few exceptions. 

If one neighbor wants a more expensive fence, they must pay the extra amount. Or, if one party wants to erect a fence but hasn’t reached out to make an agreement with the other party, they’re responsible for paying for the fence. Unfortunately, if your property borders land owned by the government, you’re usually responsible for paying for the full cost of the fence.  

What is a Good Neighbor Fence?  

Many fences, except chain link fences, have a more presentable side. This is more typical for fences with boards. Typically, good fencing etiquette is to put the ‘good’ side facing outwards, so passersby and your neighbors have a better view. However, a good neighbor fence is identical on both sides so neither party needs to compromise and accept the ‘bad’ side. 

Fortunately, Quality Chain Link Fencing offers a range of good neighbor fences so that neither you nor your neighbor, need to compromise on your view. You and your neighbors can even choose the colour of the mesh of the fence to match your homes, buildings or preference. We offer vinyl coated chain link in black, brown, green, and white. We also offer a powder coating to chain link fences that offers a protective and decorative finish available in black, green, brown and white. 

Quality Chain Link Fencing in Kelowna BC

Putting up a fence doesn’t have to be a cause for offense between you and your neighbors. We offer a range of chain link fences that can be customized to you and your neighbors’ preferences. If you’d like to know more about fencing solutions for your property lines, contact us today! The team here at Quality Chain Link fencing would be happy to help you find the best chain link neighbor fence solution to keep your property protected, private and pristine. 

Call the team at Quality Chain Link Fence today for a no obligation free quote. 

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