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Pool Safety: Your Chain Link Fence Perimeter

Pool Safety: Your Chain Link Fence Perimeter

Okanagan pools are a sought after feature for many potential homebuyers. Conversely, many homeowners save up to install their very own backyard oasis. Quality Chain Link Fencing wants you to help you enjoy a safe and secure yard. Add security to your situation by ensuring your chain link fence pool perimeter is professionally installed and esthetically pleasing. It is essential to keep young kids, neighbours, deer, bear and even pets from entering your sacred pool space. Our experienced and qualified crew can help you sleep more soundly at night with a new chain link fence!

Chain Link Fence: Upgrade Your Pool Security

Having a quality chain link fence installed can ensure that you maintain visibility while securing your pool. Solid wood fences need to be pressure washed, restained or repainted every couple of years under our intense Okanagan heat, making them less than ideal for many reasons. It can be easy to stain or damage your deck with these woodcare products and spilling them can lead to a slippery mess. Not to mention the damage that paint or stain overspray can have to your delicate pool lining or pool cover. Avoid all of these issues by opting for chain link fencing from the start!

Privacy Considerations

Many clients are initially unsure about going with chain link fencing around their pools as they prefer to have some extra privacy. Rest assured…you can still enjoy some strategic skinny dipping if you so choose! We have a variety of solutions such as our privacy link inserts available in a variety of colours that weave in and out of your chain link to provide a more solid surround.


Alternatively, you can opt to create your very own organic vertical garden with raspberries, clematis, Virginia Creeper, gooseberries, pumpkin, cucumber and squash vines, spearmint and a host of other Okanagan savvy plants that are easy to train up and along your chain link fence! Using chain link a secure base for your green trellis garden is a fun way to help the pollinators and your wallet while creating that tropical vibe you love around the pool!

Save Money & Liability With Quality Chain Link Fencing

Our product and installation stand the test of time. What may seem like an initially cheaper way to go, say opting for a wood fence for example, will only be up against repairs and replacement in no time. We look forward to visiting your residential or commercial location and answering any of your questions or concerns.

Call Us For A Free Estimate Today!

We would love to discuss the options for your poolside fence. We are happy to deliver a custom quote and show you the different gauges, styles and colour options of chain link fence available. Keeping you, your family, friends, pets and neighbours safe is our top priority.

Contact our friendly and professional team today to get started! We promise you will be thrilled with the result! Don’t forget to ask us about gate options, latches and any other questions you may have. We look forward to meeting with you at your earliest convenience.

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