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Custom Chain Link Gates & Residential Gates at Quality Chain Link Fencing

Custom Chain Link Gates & Residential Gates at Quality Chain Link Fencing

As your Okanagan leader in chain link gates and fencing, Quality Chain Link Fencing can offer local residents a variety of chain link gates. It’s important to protect your commercial and residential property from wildlife, mother nature, theft, trespassers and vandalism in Kelowna, Vernon and throughout the Okanagan.  

Contacting reputable fencing contractors is the first step in securing quality commercial chain link gates and residential gates. As your number one Okanagan chain link fence supplier, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality custom chain link gates that are built to suit your space and needs. Keep reading for a few reasons why installing a gate for commercial or residential properties is a valuable investment.   

Custom Chain Link Gates 

We recognize that one kind of fence does not fit all spaces. That’s why we offer custom chain link gates and a variety of fencing solutions. We also offer a wide variety of designs and configurations to suit your specific application, including temporary fencing and security fencing.   

Chain link gates are part of our affordable, economical fencing solution that provides Kelowna home and business owners with a strong and durable product that lasts decades, maintenance-free. It’s an ideal solution for backyards and businesses, providing a safe entrance and exit to your property. 

We offer fencing and chain link gates in various styles, heights and specifications to accommodate the unique needs of your property and fit your property aesthetics. We provide complete chain link gates and fencing installations, and repairs. Commercial and residential gates add resale value and complement your landscape and other exterior elements.  

The type of gate you choose will depend on your property or preference. Whether it’s single or double swing chain link gates, cantilever gates or rolling gates, Quality Chain Link Fencing can help enhance security, privacy, and the value of your property or yard with chain link gates. 

Chain Link Driveway Gate 

Well-constructed and properly installed chain link gates provide the access you need to your property, and helps monitor who has entered or exited your property.

Cantilever gates, which slides to open and is suspended within 4 rollers, is an excellent option for large openings. These gates require very little maintenance. Our rolling gates are another great option.  

Rolling gates slide to open and are supported by two rails that follow along the fence line as well as a wheel system that runs along the ground. Interested in learning more? Contact our team to discuss your needs and we will help find the best chain link gates solution for you.  

Chain Link Security Gates 

Chain Link Gates Cantilever Gates | Okanagan | Quality Chain Link Fencing

Security is one of the top reasons business and property owners invest in chain link gates and fences. Hiring reputable fencing contractors is the first step to protecting your property. A fence provides a physical barrier between your property and busy streets, which guards your property against criminal activity including trespassers and theft.   

For business owners, a fence with a chain link security gate serves as a barrier between your property and busy streets and other people. It also decreases the chances of theft or vandalism.  

For homeowners with pets or little ones who tend to wander, fencing with secure chain link gates ensures a high level of security and protection. Chain link gates that can be locked allow pets and children to play while keeping them secured in the yard. It also deters trespassers and theft. 

We have been providing quality commercial chain link fence installation since 1983 throughout Kelowna, Vernon, and the Okanagan. Our team of fencing contractors are highly trained to provide you with precise and quality chain link fence installations. We provide functional and long-lasting fencing products that come in a variety of styles, colours and applications, depending on what you need.

Fencing Contractors at Quality Chain Link Fencing   

Protecting your Okanagan property doesn’t have to be challenging. If you need assistance choosing the right chain link gates and fencing, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Quality Chain Link Fencing 

If you’re interested in learning the cost of chain link fence and gates, we offer no obligation, free estimates. We’d be happy to help you and answer any additional questions you may have about gates or fencing.   

Do you require chain link gates for your Okanagan property? Contact Quality Chain Link Fencing for affordable, professional and quality fencing and gate installation.

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