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Our History in the Okanagan: Fencing Solutions for Everyone

About Fencing Services

Announcing Our New Fencing Brand & Website

We are proud to announce the launch of our new website. These changes are being made to move our business further forward, always looking for new opportunities and clients to assist with our exceptional services. Quality Chain Link Fencing has been operating since 1983. During this time, we have learned how to make an appealing fence in a variety of styles that fit with any aesthetic or property. We offer a solution to any fence installation that could be asked of us. Our vision to help any person fence off their property has always driven us to continue forward, finding new ways to offer the same assured safety, and now with the launch of our new website, we have never been more prepared to serve the Okanagan and beyond.

Where Our Okanagan Fencing Started

Back in 1983 our founder, Dave Collins, worked alongside one employee to provide fences to the residents and business owners of the Okanagan and across British Columbia. As the business progressed, and the Okanagan grew, Dave expanded Quality Chain Link Fencing to support the many homes and businesses popping up all over the area. Our experience jumped by leaps and bounds over the decades, until the point of mastery where we stand today. Through this work, we were able to identify and develop the ideal method and services to provide any solution that could be asked of us.

Fencing Solutions - Okanagan Fences | Quality Chain Link Fencing
Fencing Solutions - Okanagan Fences | Quality Chain Link Fencing

How Our Fencing Solves Kelowna Problems Today

Today, Quality Chain Link Fencing is run by Dave’s daughter Shelley and her husband Calvin – a real Okanagan family business. Together, they continue on Dave’s tradition of proper fencing installations intended to last generations. Our selection of materials and services — both residential and commercial — provide the right option for any property, structure, or enclosure that exists. Combining our outstanding options for fencing with qualified and experienced fence installers, Quality Chain Link Fencing has found the recipe for successful installations, every time!

When safety or security are a concern, you can rely on Quality Chain Link Fencing to set your mind at ease with high-strength steel fences that ensure the utmost in quality and performance for decades to come!


Give us a call at 250.765.1913 with any questions you may have, or to plan your next fencing solution.

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