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How to Dispose of a Chain Link Fence

How to Dispose of a Chain Link Fence

Whether it’s gotten into disrepair, changing out fence types for a different look, or it was just time for a replacement, getting rid of chain link fencing is a fairly straightforward process. However, before we explore how to dispose of a chain link fence, it’s important to know how to properly remove it. Although the chain link part itself it’s hard to take down, you may need a truck or specialized equipment for removing the rest, especially the fence posts.  

Removing a chain link fence

How to Dispose of Chain-Link Fence – Removing a Chain Link Fence 

  1. Before you actually start the removal process there are a couple of things to plan for. Firstly, make sure there is enough space on one side of the fence where it could lie on the ground plus at least an additional two feet for rolling it. You’ll probably need closer to three feet if you’re rolling up the chain link as you’re removing from the fence as you go. Make sure to tie up or trim the necessary plants close to the fence them a little for easier access.
  2. Don’t forget to leave space for a wheelbarrow or truck to put the chain link into. Rolled-up fencing can be very heavy and difficult to carry on its own.  
  3. Remove the clamps from an end or corner post to start. These are usually connected by a bolt or nut. Once removed, taken out the tension bar and set it aside.  
  4. The next step is to start removing the fence ties from the chain link fencing. You may need to buy fence pliers to remove them, but even heavy pliers or a vise grip can work. The goal is not to snip the ties, but to bend them back so you can remove the chain link without creating sharp metal points. 
  5. It works best if you can lay down the fence as you go, but if not you’ll have to roll it instead. Use a bungie cord to keep it upright as you go along. 
  6. Once you reached the desired fence post of the length of fencing you want to remove, break the section of fence you want to remove. This involves unhooking it from the post supports. Roll up the section and tie it together so it doesn’t come unrolled, and repeat the steps as needed until the fence is completely removed. 
  7. The fence posts themselves will likely require specialty equipment to remove them properly.  

Ways to Get Rid of a Chain Link Fence 

Look for Organizations to Donate It To

Now that you’ve got your fencing removed, how do you dispose of it? Before you give it up, as long as it’s still functional, there are likely locations in the community that could use it. For example, reach out to a local animal shelter or SPCA to see if they could use it for animal cages or enclosures. Alternatively, see if there are options to donate it to a local low-income housing group through a non-profit building organization or give the fencing to a community garden space. 

Recycle It Through a Scrap Metal Company 

Resist the urge to toss your chain link fencing in the dumpster, you could be throwing away money. Not only can you reduce the environmental impact, but you’re also able to make some money off your fencing by giving it to a scrap metal company. Chain link fencing is usually made from aluminum or galvanized steel, and because aluminum sells for quite a bit, it’s especially a good idea to sell it for scrap once you’ve removed it from your property. Depending on the company, some scrap companies will even do the heavy lifting of removing the fencing for you.  

Talk to Your Fencing Contractor 

If you’re replacing your fence, depending on the contractor, they may take away your old fencing for you and repurpose or recycle it themselves. They also might lump the removal and new installation into one price which could potentially be more cost-effective than the two tasks individually. 

In any case, don’t throw out chain link fence. It’s relatively easy to take down, and once removed you might even be able to make a profit off it. 

Looking into new fencing options? Get in touch with us today to get the details on how we could help!  

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