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Is Your Property Animal Proof? Quality Chain Link Fencing Can Help

Is Your Property Animal Proof? Quality Chain Link Fencing Can Help

Residents of British Columbia, and more specifically, the Okanagan Valley, are incredibly lucky to live immersed in one of the most biodiverse locations in the world. To wake up every day to mountains and sparkling freshwater lakes is an absolute privilege that we often take for granted. Kelowna and other surrounding cities almost appear to have been dropped right in the middle of the raw, BC wilderness, with tall coniferous trees and rocky peaks looming over the buildings below.

Living in this area of Canada has many benefits, although we were not the first ones here. Before Kelowna was built, the animals roamed these peaks and valleys freely- and they often still do! Living in close proximity to a large collection of northern animals is part of what makes our home so amazing. As a homeowner, you may be less than amazed when some of these animals make their way onto your property and cause massive damage to your crops or gardens. Every year wild animals cause millions of dollars in damages to farmers crops and countless other headaches for small homeowners that have their yards torn up. 

What Animals Cause Damage?

In the Okanagan, there are two main species that cause the majority of the damage.

  1. Deer

    In this area of British Columbia, we have three types of deer: Mule deer, Whitetail Deer and Blacktail Deer. In the area surrounding Kelowna, you will mainly encounter mule deer. Don’t be fooled by fond childhood memories of Bambi, mule deer are eating machines and can cause massive damage to a farmer’s land and homeowners gardens. Aside from deer, there are also moose and elk that tend to wander near the cities from time to time.

  2. Bears

    A black bear enters the yard of a home owner in Kelowna and causes damageIn the Okanagan Valley, you are most likely to encounter black bears, however, occasionally a grizzly bear will become curious and venture close to a city. A bear’s sense of smell is 2,100 times stronger than that of a human’s, which often leads them to farmers crops and residential homes garbages. When fall rolls around and bears are preparing for winter, they will seek out over 20,000 calories per day, eating anything that they can get their paws on. This often results in a bear tearing through bins and containers, searching for anything that resembles food, leaving the homeowner with a mess to clean up and damage to pay for.

How To Keep Animals Out? High Fencing

One of the most effective ways to keep animals off of your property, whether you have a large-scale agriculture business to protect or a simple home garden, is proper fencing. Fencing is an eco-friendly pest solution that does not harm any animals in the process. If you are hoping to keep deer off of your property, you will need fencing that is at least 8 feet high; this may seem excessive until you see a mule deer jump. They are master leapers and can soar great heights over obstacles if food sources wait for them on the other side. 8-foot fencing would also be sufficient to keep bears away in most cases, however, if they are really tempted, they may try to display their climbing skills.

At Quality Chain Link Fencing, we have specialized fencing just for farming and deer issues. As a farmer, you want to keep deer out, but you also want to keep your livestock in. This style of fences kills two birds with one stone!

What if I live in the city?

Every residential area will have their own rules and restrictions but for the most part, bylaws restrict fence heights to 6 feet. Our team at Quality Chain Link Fencing is very familiar with the majority of bylaws in the Kelowna area and can help you decide what style of fencing is best for your pest problems. 6 feet may seem quite tall, but oftentimes a mule deer can clear that height with ease.  

Additional Fencing Methods to Keep Animals Out

Although a 6 or 8-foot fence is a great start to keeping animals out of your yard, there are a few other measures that you can take to help fight your pest problem. The first method to consider is making your fence less transparent. Deer are much less likely to jump over an object when they can’t see what is on the other side.

Methods of making your fence less transparent :

  • Large Shrubby and Bushes- It may take a few years for the foliage to fully grow in, but large hedges and bushes can provide privacy to your family while also help deter deer from making the leap of faith.
  • Privacy InsertsLite Link Privacy Inserts will provide instant privacy in your yard while forming an effective barrier that deer will not be able to see through.

Another method for keeping animals out is to use multiple fences or double fencing. This can be an effective method for those that have large gardens, as the space between the two fences can still be used for planting. A deer can jump very high, but not over a great distance, struggling to jump forward over multiple obstacles. Whatever your pest problem, we can craft a fencing solution for your needs here at Quality Chain Link Fencing!

Don’t let deer or bear damage keep you from enjoying this beautiful area of British Columbia! Contact our team in Kelowna or Vernon and we will have your fence up in no time!

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