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Interior Chain Link Fencing & Industrial, Modern Design 

Interior Chain Link Fencing & Industrial, Modern Design 

It’s time to re-think your traditional chain link fencing applications Kelowna! If you are familiar with a variety of DIY contracting shows, you may have noticed interior chain link fencing revolutionizing designs. From partitioning various locations within residential and commercial settings to creating eye-catching stairwells; there are numerous ways to enjoy this artistic and sturdy material.

If you thought chain link fencing was only for your dog kennels and exterior perimeter, think again! Many artisans are incorporating this semi-see through material into interior spaces for practical and stylish separation. Exciting ways to use chain link fencing include:

  • Stairwells
  • Bartending
  • Storage room
  • Garage
  • Privacy Screen
  • Animal Kennels

Interior Chain Link Fencing: Privacy Screens With Style

Open concept home designs remain highly popular. Whether you are starting from the ground up with new construction or blasting out walls to create the spacious abode of your dreams, privacy screens are excellent additions. Designate certain spaces with a little help from Quality Chain Link Fencing. There are some vibrant, artistic options to separate your different interior spaces. Above all, this type of privacy screen provides ample options.

You may have seen lace chain link fencing ideas online and they will definitely speak to your inner creative! Alternatively, you may wish to create your own style by weaving fabric, ribbon or other malleable materials to create your custom privacy screen. We’d love to visit your space and provide you with a quote! Contact us with your ideas and let us help you recreate your space this fall!


Image from Pinterest amyburke125

Clients can enjoy some artistic designs, or conversely, opt for standard traditional styles. Consider weaving some privacy inserts through in a specific pattern to create a one-of-a-kind look. Perhaps, you desire a “living wall” and can experiment with different ivy, hops and trellis-loving variety of indoor plants to add some greenery and oxygen into your space. Of course, the choices are as endless as your imagination.

Chain Link Fencing: Industrial Flare Indoors

Enhance your modern design and enjoy adding some steel to your space. We offer a variety of different gauges and post options and gates to deliver the secure and stylish look you desire. Industrial accents are not only for mezzanines and loft apartments. Chain link fencing can be utilized to strategically hide structural items including radiators. Clients all over the globe love the way they can keep kids and pets safe near stairs without having to rely on a solid option.

Transform Your Vibe With Chain Link Fencing

We are your first and last call for superior chain link fencing in the Okanagan Valley. With locations in Kelowna and Vernon, we can be on-site at your convenience. Similarly, if you are looking for an interior or exterior solution, we have friendly, experienced staff and reliable products to take care of your needs. In conclusion, we are always excited to hear our client’s creative ideas.

Let us know where you need your chain link fencing installed and when and we will deliver!

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