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Okanagan Wildlife, Bears and Deer: Fencing Solutions to Protect Your Yard

Okanagan Wildlife, Bears and Deer: Fencing Solutions to Protect Your Yard

It’s no secret the beautiful Okanagan Valley is home to a variety of wildlife species. Spotting a group of deer or geese while on a hike may make for a picturesque moment, but many Kelowna homeowners wish deer and other wildlife would stay outside the city limits and out of their backyards. If you’re a homeowner, you’re likely familiar with the havoc wildlife can wreak on a backyard without farm & deer fencing or chain link fencing.   

While deer and geese can make for a charming backyard scene, having your plants eaten, stepped on or destroyed by wildlife can be frustrating – and even dangerous. If you have fruit trees on your property, beware that they can attract bears and other dangerous wildlife. 

Keep reading to learn more about fencing solutions from Quality Chain Link Fencing to protect your backyard from Okanagan Wildlife.  

Chain Link Fence: Bear Aware  

Bears, deer, coyotes and even cougars may visit your Kelowna backyard. This is especially true for homeowners in the upper mission area 

A good way to discourage them from traversing through your property is to remove anything that may entice them. Garbage is the number one attraction for bears and other dangerous wildlife. Ensuring your garbage is secured, or even indoors until you’re ready to take it to a landfill or have it picked up can help protect your backyard. Additionally, compost can attract unwanted wildlife. We recommend covering up any food waste, such as fruits or vegetables, with wood chips, leaves or other compost to disguise the smell.  

While many Okanagan homeowners are likely glad to live in an area where they can grow fruit in their backyard, fruit trees can attract bears that are miles away! Ensuring all your fruit is harvested as soon as its ready can help discourage wildlife from stopping by for a snack. 

chain link fencing prevents okanagan wildlife from harming backyard 2Protect Your Yard with Chain Link Fencing  

One of the best ways to protect your backyard from unwanted wildlife is with quality chain link fencing. Often the maximum fencing height allowed in Kelowna is 6’ feet high. However, different areas within the city have different height restrictions. It’s best to check with your bylaw office to find out the height allowed in your area.  

If you’re trying to keep deer out of your yard, you’ll need a fence that’s higher than or at least 6’ feet. Many deer can clear this if they’re motivated enough. However, it’s often enough to send most in a different direction. 

We recommend contacting a local chain link fencing company to help you protect your backyard from unwanted wildlife.  

Kelowna Chain Link Fence Installers 

Protecting your backyard from the vast amount of wildlife in the Okanagan doesn’t have to be challenging. Protect your fruit trees, bushes and flowers with quality chain link fencing. If you’re wondering how much chain link fencing installation costs, contact us for a no obligation, free quote. We’d be happy to help you and answer any additional questions you may have.  

Contact Quality Chain Link Fencing for a no obligation, free quote on chain link fencing to protect your backyard.

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