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Neighbour Fences In Kelowna: Get the Facts

Neighbour Fences In Kelowna: Get the Facts

Neighbour fences in Kelowna can add privacy, security and comfort to your residential property. These can be constructed from wood panels or sturdy chain link fencing. Adding privacy inserts to chain link helps to protect your view. Quality Chain Link Fencing has all of your neighbour fencing solutions in Kelowna.

Neighbour fences are often installed with the “prettier side” facing outwards, towards the neighbours property. This is not a requirement, simply good practice; keeping the rails and posts on the side of the builder or installer’s property.

Popular reasons to add or renew your neighbour fences in Kelowna include:

  • To keep kids safe.
  • A new puppy or pet.
  • Detract trespassers.
  • Maintain a secure perimeter.
  • Improve the exterior aesthetically.
  • To separate from surrounding properties.
  • Keep wildlife out of garden and fruit trees.

How High Can A Fence Be Between Neighbours?

In residential locations within Kelowna, a fence is not to be higher than 2.0 meters. There is an exception if the property abuts against a commercial or agricultural location and then the maximum height is 2.4 m.

Can My Neighbour Put Up A Fence Without My Permission?

If the fence is completely installed on your property, you do not need to get your neighbours permission. If however, you desire to construct a fence along the property line, you will need to agree with the adjacent owner.

I Don’t Know Where My Property Lines Are

You can contact your municipality to get a copy of your property lines if there is any dispute or if you have misplaced your real estate records.

It is a good idea to discuss your potential fence construction with your neighbour ahead of time if possible. This can be a great way to get to know your neighbours. If they are renters, you will have to speak to the actual property owner if you are looking to share costs.

discussing-neighbour-fences-in-Kelowna-discussing-options-Quality-Chain-Link-FencingWho Is Financially Responsible For A New Fence?

If a fence is installed on one side of the property line, the fence is completely theirs as is the bill. However, if the fence is constructed on the property line, then each side is an equal partner in the fence and it is often split 50-50.

Of course, if you don’t discuss any of this with your neighbour ahead of time and simply construct the fence and plan to send them a bill, prepare to have to pay for everything yourself.

In the event one neighbour would prefer a more expensive fence than is necessary then typically, they will pay the additional amount.

Does your property border crown land? In these situations, homeowners will usually have to bear the full price alone.

Is the fence is being repaired to do negligence? Whether the damage was incurred intentionally or unintentionally, you will be responsible for the replacement or repair costs.

Quality Chain Link Fencing Has Your Okanagan Solutions

We know you have lots of questions about styles, prices and which type of fence will best suit your needs. Our experienced and professional team is ready to help you tackle all of your concerns.

Get A Head Start On Your 2020 Fencing Plans!

We know how much a new perimeter can upgrade your exterior.

Neighbour fences in Kelowna can increase value to your property in many ways. We’d love to help you enjoy every inch of your yard next spring! Contact us today to arrange a quote.

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