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Residential Chain Link Fencing: Create Your Trellis Garden Oasis

Residential Chain Link Fencing: Create Your Trellis Garden Oasis

It is creative and fun to think about residential chain link fencing in different capacities. While the standard safety fence perimeter or custom dog kennel comes to mind, the potential for residential chain link indoors is often unexplored.

Create Your Trellis Garden Oasis

Imagine having organic veggies, herbs, berries and vines at your fingertips. Your chain link fencing can provide a skookum growing skeleton for a variety of crops. Some of our favourite edible and non-edible trellis plants include:

  • Clematis
  • Grapes
  • Vine Tomatoes
  • Raspberries
  • Cucumbers
  • Goji Berries
  • Mint Family
  • Ivy
  • Watermelon
  • Creeping Fig and much more

Interior or Exterior Residential Chain Link Fencing Solutions

Some clients prefer to have their trellis garden double as a stairwell bannister. This works especially well if there are skylights or plenty of natural light nearby. Using natural plants to create privacy barriers and add some greenery and oxygen into the space can drastically improve air quality. There are many exciting ways you can incorporate residential chain link into your space.

Exterior Chain Link Options

With our surrounding Okanagan pine and fir forests, many of our yards offer extensive views. While homeowners often consider a traditional privacy fence with wood, we would love to quote on our residential chain link. We offer privacy inserts available in many colours or alternatively, get busy planning for your trellis planting options.


Enhance Your View With Residential Chain Link Fencing

Being able to see the forest and nature through your chain link fence can be glorious depending on your surroundings. We have a variety of gauges available to customize your perimeter. Different powder- coated options can be applied if you prefer a specific colour.

Yard & Garden Residential Chain Link Fencing Ideas

Create next years’ garden space now with some creative trellis design. Determining where your yard and home invites the most sunshine is an excellent place to start. Most fruit-bearing plants require a decent amount of light.

Perhaps, you want to install a green gate covered in ivy and blooming clematis? Maybe it is time to install that custom chicken coup you have been dreaming about? Our experienced crew can help you enjoy your yard to the fullest.

Quality Chain Link Fencing Has Your Solutions

We remind our new clients that while the cost of installing a residential chain link fence may be slightly higher than a traditional wooden fence, the maintenance is greatly reduced.

You won’t be outside in the blazing heat after work or spending your vacation days stripping, sanding, prepping and re-staining like the rest of your neighbours.

If maintenance-free sounds more like your lifestyle and fits your free time better, Quality Chain Link Fencing in Kelowna and Vernon is your best bet!

Contact Us For A Quote Today

We can happily help you accomplish all of your residential chain link fencing upgrades.

Create the perfect trellis garden inside and out with Quality Chain Link Fencing. We have the commercial and residential chain link fencing solutions you are looking for!

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