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Kennel Solutions: Heavy Duty Chain Link Fence Security For Your Dog

Kennel Solutions: Heavy Duty Chain Link Fence Security For Your Dog

Fall is fast approaching and the gorgeous autumn colours of Kelowna are a stunning reminder that frozen ground will be here soon! If your dog escaped the yard this summer or trashed your grass, we totally understand! With beach days behind us (for the most part), now is the ideal time of year to install your heavy duty quality chain link fence dog run or kennel. Keeping your four-legged friend safe from wildlife and secure in your perimeter is paramount. After all, it only takes a neighbourly complaint to disrupt your harmonious vibe. Enjoy peace of mind with our custom dog kennel solutions.

Heavy Duty Chain Link Fence Security Benefits

It is essential to consider how high you need your quality chain link fence to be to keep your dog in and any bears, cougars, coyotes, and other predators away. The benefits with chain link fencing compared to solid wood panels are numerous. Besides lasting decades longer, never needing to be sanded, re-stained or re-painted, the dogs can peer through the fencing. This enables them to see, hear and smell any potential threats firsthand. Quality Chain Link Fencing can provide you with the best height suggestions during your consultation to ensure all of you and your pets needs are met. We are your one-stop-shop for all of your residential, commercial and privacy fencing concerns.

Heavy Duty Chain Link Fence Security Specifications

Our portable kennels and dog runs enable you to keep Rover safe and happy. Typically, we use 6’ x 10’ wide panels and one panel generally has a gate built into it. Of course, we are happy to customize any size to fulfil your landscaping requirements. We use panel clamps to secure the heavy duty chain link fence to create a strong and aesthetically pleasing connection. Contact us today to get started on the ideal chain link fence security specifications to seamlessly fit with your property. If privacy issues are any concern, we are happy to discuss a variety of options including planting perennial vines or using privacy inserts.

puppy-perimeter-Quality-Chain-Link-Fencing-Kelowna-heavy-duty-dog-kennelDigging Dogs & Heavy Duty Chain Link Fence Security

We take extra care during installation to accommodate all of your needs. If your dog is prone to digging, there are extra precautions we can take. Securing wiring under the fence can help to create a barrier that will not allow them to escape. We have a variety of heavy duty chain link fencing options to create the type of high-quality barrier you and your dogs deserve.

Add Value To You Home With Heavy Duty Chain Link Fencing

Having an aesthetically pleasing and functional perimeter is excellent for your resale value. Your new fence can increase the value of your home. After all, minimizing your dogs’ mess to one area of the yard allows you to maintain curb appeal easily by investing in grass, plants, shrubs and trees without worrying that your dog will dig and chew their way through the “family portion” of the yard.

Discover Your Yard’s Potential For Chain Link Fencing Today!

We’d love to stop by and deliver a free quote to your residential or commercial space. Proudly serving Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley, Quality Chain Link fencing has all of your heavy duty chain link solutions.

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