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Three Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Fence

Three Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Fence

Our top priority is to help homeowners increase their privacy and safety. Replacing your fence is one of the many ways you can keep your home safe. To keep your yard’s look and safety consistent, it’s necessary to consider the shape that your fence is in. A fences lifetime ranges anywhere from 5 to 15 years depending on the environment it is in and what has made an impact on its effectiveness. 

1. Your Fence is Starting to Warp or Decay

If your fence is visually showing that it is warping and decaying, then this is a sign that your fence needs to be replaced.  Fences weaken gradually with age, and even faster when factors like wind, extreme weather, and heavy impacts come into play. All of these can cause your fence to be less effective than it should be. Your chain link fence might even come up from the ground depending on the amount of warping that has taken place. Warping is common in areas with children, large animals, or anywhere where your fence is at risk of taking a heavy amount of weight. 

a fence that will need to be replaced due to rust

2. Your Backyard Aesthetic has Changed

Your fence might remain in good shape, but it doesn’t quite meet your aesthetic anymore. Styles change, backyards are updated, and maybe your fence needs a new look. This reason is as good as any to replace your fence. The last thing you want is a beautifully curated space with a fence that doesn’t fit in. Spend some time crunching numbers and deciding what look would be best for you. Your fence also might just need an update with the same material to give it a “newer” look. If you’re particularly interested in interior design, then check out this link with ideas on how to enhance your space with chain link fencing. 

A fence in disrepair

3. Your Fence Doesn’t Meet the Ground Anymore

Animals like to find their way into areas from under the fence. This can cause a huge amount of decays to your fence. If the bottom of your fence is curled upward and no longer meets the ground, then it’s time to replace it. You’ll likely remember this from schoolyards where children climb under and over fences when playing. The fence won’t act as a barrier or safe space for people or their pets if it’s easy for things to come in and get out. 

If you’re curious about whether or not replacing your fence should be your cost, your neighbors, or both of you, then read this post. 

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