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Buy Split Rail Fencing to Enhance your Property

Buy Split Rail Fencing to Enhance your Property

If you’re in the market to buy split rail fencing for your property, Quality Chain Link Fencing has been serving the Okanagan area since 1983.

Our split rail fencing is made of cedar, making it ideal for creating a visual boundary on a variety of property types. It has an organic, rustic appearance and feel, which is often preferred at parks, farms, trails and homes because of its beautiful and seamless integration with nature.

Keep reading if you’re wondering why you should buy split rail fencing, and to learn more about the benefits of split rail fence.

Invest in a Lasting Fencing Solution When you Buy Split Rail Fencing

A cedar split rail fence doesn’t require any sort of protection in the ground, including cement. Plus, it can last up to 15 years in the ground, without any form of protectant. A cedar split rail fence is suitable for a wide range of applications, including livestock fencing, parks, and fencing for your home’s yard.

When you buy split rail fencing, you’re investing in fencing that is long-lasting and environmentally friendly. Our cedar split rail fences work well for farms, acreages, and a variety of other purposes.

Enhance your Property with a Cedar Split Rail Fence

Clients often buy split rail fencing because it’s an exceptional option for anyone desiring an aesthetically pleasing fence for their property. A split rail fence has the benefit of seamlessly integrating with the natural beauty of the land. A cedar split rail fence is 4’ high, and comes with your choice of two or three rails.

A fence serves as a barrier around your property. This is an ideal solution for any property, such as a farm, that requires a good visual reference for where your property line ends with but doesn’t require a high level of security. The rustic look creates an open, airy look that still clearly defines an area off-limits to the public.

Protect Your Property from Wildlife

One reason you may want to buy split rail fencing is if the Okanagan wildlife is in an issue. Wildlife can be a big problem in residential neighbourhoods throughout the Okanagan. If you’ve had issues with bears, deer, coyotes and other Okanagan wildlife munching away at beautiful and often expensive plants, trees, bushes and flowers, or roaming your property, consider a cedar split rail fence for your property. When you buy split rail fencing, you can keep unwanted trespassers out and keep your family safe.

 Buy Split Rail Fencing at Quality Chain Link Fencing

If you decided to buy split rail fencing for your property, the fence contractors you choose will make all the difference. It’s imperative that you choose fencing contractors with a reputation for quality split rail fencing, environmentally friendly practices, and high-quality workmanship.

At Quality Chain Link Fencing, we believe in providing our clients with quality workmanship. As a testament to our workmanship, Quality Chain Link Fencing offers a one-year guarantee.

Our installers are highly trained to provide you with precise and quality installation that will be functional for years to come. Our long-lasting fencing is ideal for a variety of applications. Split rail fencing is 4’ high, and comes with your choice of two or three rails.

Arrange a site visit by calling 250-765-1913 or by filling out our contact form. During our site visit, we will assess your property, measure the fencing you need and provide your best fencing options. Based on our site visit, we will prepare you a quote which can be emailed, faxed or mailed to you.

Prior to our start date, you will need to determine the property line, locate irrigation lines and clear the fence line of brush, debris or other obstructions.

Contact us today to discuss fencing options, and for a no-obligation quote.

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