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Why to Get a Residential Fence

Why to Get a Residential Fence

At Quality Chain Link Fencing, we have high standards when it comes to quality fencing products and installations. As your local fence contractor throughout the Okanagan Valley, we recognize that fencing designed to keep your residential and commercial property safe is a necessity. So what are the advantages of installing a residential fence? Take a look at the top reasons homeowners get a residential fence.

  • Privacy 
  • Security 
  • Safety 
  • Aesthetics

Privacy Fences

Privacy Inserts are an optional add-on that enhances the look of any chain-link fence, while simultaneously boosting privacy. There are a number of options, including Lite Link Privacy Inserts, Bottom Lock Privacy Inserts and Winged Slats for Privacy Inserts.

Privacy Inserts come in packages that cover 10-feet of fencing. Since they are quite easy to install, often clients will install them themselves. If you require chain link fence installation, we can also install your privacy inserts for you if you so choose.

Secure Your Home: Security Fence

Security is one of the main reasons why people invest in fences. A fence ensures your family is secure in your yard when outside, while also keeping wildlife out.

Wildlife can be a big problem in residential neighbourhoods, munching away at beautiful and often expensive plants, trees, bushes and flowers, leaving behind not much more than twigs in the ground. Keep animals out of your lawn with fencing.

Our installers are highly trained to provide you with precise and quality installation that will be functional for years to come. Our long-lasting fencing products come in a variety of styles, colours and applications, depending on what you need.

Enhance the security of your home with residential fences in Kelowna, Vernon and throughout the Okanagan with Quality Chain Link Fences.

Increase Security with a Fence

Fencing can also help keep your pets safe in their own space. A fence serves as a barrier between them and busy streets, other people or the possibility of being stolen or lost.

For pets or little ones who tend to wander, a fence is an added level of security and protection. A fence with a locked gate is the ideal way to allow them to play while keeping them secured in the yard.

Fences Enhance your Home’s Aesthetics

Fences can be aesthetically appealing and add to the appearance of your home. There are a variety of materials you can choose from to have your fence constructed from depending on what matches your home’s style or your neighborhood.

We offer fencing in various styles, heights and specifications to accommodate the unique needs of your property and your style preferences. We provide complete fence installation, gate installation and repairs.

Enclose your property or yard with Quality Chain Link Fencing. We offer a variety of heights, colors, and privacy inserts to choose from to keep your children and pets in – and others out. Our fencing solutions will compliment your home, enhancing the security and value of your property

Quality Chain Link Fences offer a wide range of fencing for residential purposes. Our services include chain link fencing, farm and deer fencing, privacy inserts, custom gates, and more.

Contact us today for a no obligation quote.

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