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Comparing Fencing Solutions

Comparing Fencing Solutions

Quality Chain Link Fencing in Kelowna has been installing fences throughout the Okanagan Valley since 1983. Our family-owned fencing company provides a variety of fencing solutions from chain link fences to split rail fences to ensure your home, property or business is protected and secure.

Our fencing is designed to keep your little ones safe and close to home, no matter if they walk on two legs or four! From our family to yours, you can count on our team for expert consultation and professional fence installation of residential and commercial chain link fencing. Take a look at our fencing solutions, so you can compare your options and choose the ideal fencing material for your property. 

Chain Link Fencing

Chain Link Fencing is an affordable, economical fencing solution that provides Kelowna home and business owners with a strong and durable product that lasts decades, maintenance-free. It’s an ideal fencing solution for backyards and businesses, providing a physical perimeter around your property.

We offer 3 types of Chain Link Fences: galvanized, vinyl coated, and powder coated. Galvanized Chain Link fencing is the strongest most durable chain link fencing, that comes in 11 gauge galvanized chain link for lighter property protection, as well as 9 and 6 gauge galvanized chain link fencing for stronger commercial protection.

Vinyl Coated Chain Link fencing is 11-gauge galvanized wire coated with a layer of vinyl offered in black, brown, green, and white. Choose the colour of your mesh to match your home or commercial property. Together the 11-gauge galvanized wire and the vinyl coating equal a 9-gauge mesh.

This is also available using 9-gauge galvanized wire, which is vinyl coated to equal a heavier 6-gauge mesh. The mesh can be installed with the standard galvanized posts, rails, and fittings, or you our fencing company can install it with the pipe powder coated to match the colour of the mesh.

Powder Coating is an advanced method of applying a decorative and protective finish to the galvanized posts, top rail and fittings. The powder coating is applied at high heat and is essentially baked right onto the steel. The result is an exterior finish that provides superior durability and long-lasting appeal. Quality Chain Link Fencing is pleased to offer powder coating in black, green, brown and white.

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Split Rail Fencing

Split Rail Fencing is a great option for those desiring an aesthetically pleasing fence for their property. These long-lasting fences are environmentally friendly, and an ideal solution for farms, acreages, trails and parks. Split rail fencing is 4’ high, and comes with your choice of two or three rails. The rails are notched and the posts are drilled so they are fast and easy to install.

Our Split Rail Fencing is made of cedar and doesn’t require painting or staining. Its organic, rustic appearance makes it a beautiful and seamless integration with nature. It’s the ideal solution for creating an aesthetically pleasing visual boundary for your property.

Install Your Fence with Your Kelowna Fencing Company

Quality Chain Link Fencing offers a one-year guarantee. Quality workmanship is important to us whether we’re installing chain link fencing in your Kelowna home or split rail fencing on your Vernon farm.

Arrange a site visit by calling 250-765-1913 or by filling out our Request a Quote form. During our site visit, we will assess your property, measure the fencing you need and provide your best fencing options. Based on our site visit, we will prepare you a quote which can be emailed, faxed or mailed to you.

Prior to our start date, you will need to determine the property line, locate irrigation lines and clear the fence line of brush, debris or other obstructions.

Do you require fencing solutions for your Kelowna or Vernon property? Contact Quality Chain Link Fencing for affordable, professional and quality fencing installation.

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