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Key Ways To Keep Your Home Safe

Key Ways To Keep Your Home Safe

No one wants to wake up or come back home to find their TV or jewelry stolen, so don’t let it happen to you. Although locking your doors and windows is always a good idea, it might not be enough to keep your home secure. If you’re installing a fence, or just looking into security chain link fence specifications, fencing can be a great option to deter burglars. 

We break down other excellent ways to keep your home, and valuables, safe through our key tips below. 

Secure Your Front Door 

Although you might be locking your front door when you leave, that still might not do you much good if your door can be easily kicked in. The strongest doors are made from steel or hardwood. If your front door is hollow thieves can more break-in so consider replacing it. 

To improve your door’s security even more you can get a heavier-duty deadbolt strike plate to ensure the deadbolt doesn’t break.  

Secure chain link fence gate

Install Fencing Around Your Property 

Fencing is a classic way to improve the security of your property. Fences that can be easily climbed or broken through are bad options. Similarly, choose a type of fencing that’s high enough it can’t simply be jumped over. Both picket fences and chain-link fences are great choices because they are easy to create high fencing and can be set up with sharp points at the top. 

Don’t skimp out on your gate latch though, otherwise, your fencing investment will be irrelevant. Pick a lock or latch that doesn’t have an easy way to open it. 

Make It Look Like You’re Home 

Many burglaries occur during the day when people are away from home working, or in the dead of night when people are asleep. There are plenty of easy ways to make your home still looked lived-in during these quieter portions of the day though.  

Timers on both lights and devices like TVs are a great option to trick potential intruders into second-guessing whether they should enter a home or not.  

Closed window with secure latch

Look Into Ways to Make Your Windows Safer 

Windows can be especially vulnerable to intruders if they slide. Even sliding glass doors can be knocked off their tracks. Buying more secure windows with heavy-duty latches is one option, but for a low-tech solution, dowels or curtain rods can be placed in the tracks so the window won’t open. 

For a tech solution, window sensors can be installed which can tell you when the window was opened and send you an alert to your smartphone or email. Alternatively, you could also set up security cameras that monitor your windows to check in on your home throughout the day. 

Motion-Sensing Lights Can Help 

We’ve already mentioned how timed lights can deter potential thieves, but you can go one step further by putting up motion-sensing lights. The more well-lit your home is, the less likely burglars are going to want to try to break-in. 

Motion sensing lights can also be beneficial for your home in general. They can provide a passive indication when someone is at your door and ensure you don’t trip if they are placed above stairs. 

You want to passively signal to burglars as much as possible that your home isn’t worth the effort to rob it. Buying a big dog can also help deter people from trying to break into your home (plus they are plenty of fun to play with). Don’t let your home be vulnerable, install the proper measures to keep you and your family safe. 

Interested in improving your home security through fencing? Click here to get in touch! 

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